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I have 365 stories published in 12 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 433433 times and 147 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Your heart will harden

Looking at fields, makes me feel roast full, I think, thighs pressed against ice porcelain in the toilets of a pub in Victoria.

You don't remember being born

I can’t remember being born, and no one else can remember it either. Not even your mother. Or your mother’s mother. In fact, your father and your mother, are busy wrapping you in blankets,


I will write you no poems to tell you how alarming familiarity is. No ways to tell about knee plate earthquakes, how your ego grew tannin roses. All mirrors are motorways


Some oh fuck moments are stone silent they don't crack the sound barrier before they meet the sea,

You are, we are, I am

A pilots pocket catches on the autopilot switch, A surgeon dips for incision and slips. A mountain guide clocks the map upside-down and here is no water, only rock.