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I have 1022 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Trying to understand

trying to understand you God without judging you tying things together, trying again&again to understand you. am i just here for your glory? what about my problems,

Praying, trying to understand

i try hard, work hard trying testing myself, trying to go beyond the narrow limits of my education, trying to find a better way of doing things, trying to understand

unsaid things and the mistakes that we make

where do they go? dotheyrun&hide seek some fear, some hidden desire to attach themselves to? do they disappear into the mind of God, do they simply dissolve? allthethingsyoumeanttosay


sometimes i explode with tears, fold the towels, drain... little by little drip by drip my confusion dissolves... i'm outside the window, the mirror the blind someone ought to know

Between two lines

where am i between two lines, trying so hard to be good on the one side, on the other stuck to the earth, made of primal instincts, a military demeanor, straight, stuck to the gun after.