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I have 41 stories published in one collection on the site.
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My stories

Driving through cloud towards Capel-y-ffin

I am driving into the mist and sky with the windows open. I am touched, drenched, wet with beauty, dripping song. The air hangs, deep and alive with rain. My tiny voice

We walk through streets empty of all language

We walk through streets empty of all language and so I say nothing accordingly. Not looking at you is hard to manage and I never do these things well. I see

us, and the stars

are scratches on the night’s skin, cold as blades of grass and wet as lips. They do not change. They move, hung in constellations given sense by the myths we create here,

'We cannot experience molecules in the same way we experience dogs'

every level of us is imperfect theory. It is the rough tongue of experience makes the universe’s primal unevenness evident. As the eye fissions the previously perfect line,

A prayer for the bored

This is a prayer for the bored sitting, becalmed in the day, endlessly at 10.17, forever only one third of the way into something, whatever that something is. These words are for those