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Naples: balcony overlooking Via Firenza

It is the buzz of the scooters, itching the city’s flaking skin, the live chaos of the traffic. Pools of men waiting for something to happen. It is...

Beacon Hill

Today, I have found you in the small spaces, the pauses of thought, the stops. You are in the differences: shades of green on Swithland stone, broken...

J’ai dormi sous l’eau

Waiting has its own tides and I have slept beneath the sea, playfully pulled away from shore to wide, shifting fields of spray shattered, broken,...
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In IKEA, he dreams about the woman he loves

I'm eating the usual Daim Bar cake, taking note as this incredible day continues to unfold like a bolt of silk. Kissed on the back of my neck by the...


Clinging hard to life with shrill knuckles of rosaries, in coats like bruises they prayed through pinched lips and plastic teeth. Hail Mary . The...


1 of my comments has received 2 Great Feedback votes

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This is great. I like the

Posted on Fri, 06 Aug 2021

This is great. I like the spareness of the tone, which feels like a sky in itself.

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