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Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore

I lit a candle in front of the fierce gilt of the Madonna, in the still air. The church was massive and filled with silence, and, although I knew that you were not there

The dead crane at Battersea

hangs rusty chains in the January wind, strapped, a loose Ulysses at the edge of the Thames, hearing no song, massive and bowed. Tomorrow’s dawn will lap light

A photograph of you sitting on a white plastic seat on the Hook of Holland/Harwich ferry in the midday sunlight on August 13th

Although I never said exactly what I was thinking, and although I realise that twenty-three years is a long time to have waited and the moment may not be as fresh

blue gunpowder starring

there is slow dynamite watch the blue gunpowder starring flashes and bursts beyond the road we drive along in separate cars it is a shared moment a controlled


The poet, thinking about how to write some scene describing plain working class life, invents Dave, arriving home, tea-time, tired from a day’s heavy banter, as daylight