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'...little tales of love, loss and regrets...'

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Walk with me

Noise. (IP)

Noise D. Distant hills beckon E. Escape to the sound of nature C. Call of the curlew in a remote glen I. Ice crunching underfoot B. Bees making honey...

The art of caring

‘…Hello, hello, can you hear me now…? ‘Yes, yes, yes… lost the signal for a minute, go ahead, you were saying? ‘…She had to have another x-ray…’ ‘...

the unbearable weight of an email

the unbearable weight of an email …there are no scales that can measure the pain of crushing words on the heart and soul faster than the speed of...
Gold cherry

My little Indian in Summer (I.P.)

The departure lounge is packed with frustrated travellers anxiously checking watches as giant screens scroll out details of flight delays and changes...