Staycation Writing Flood

Sometimes, I identify myself as a "writer". I've published a book. I've taught creative writing. I've got 716 stories on ABC tales. I've got hundreds of other fragments waiting around to be developed. I write every other day usually for about two hours. I've been wondering lately what it would be like if I took a week and just wrote as much as I could. Finished up a few fragments and just kept going. Ya know, the kinda thing that "real writers" do. So over the next few days, look for a flood of material on ABC tales as I dedicate myself to writing as I have never done before and in all probability will never do again. I have the time. Lynn is in Boston. I'm gonna actually work on this for the next few days and see what happens. I'm predicting an unprecedented flood. Thousands of words. Stay tuned. Hope you enjoy.


Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time. Look forward to reading.