Our Story and Poem for March, very kindly selected by Philip Sidney:


If March was a colour I’d say it was that of a fading bruise across a drab-dawn grey, smattered with pale smudges of dirty mauve, greeny-yellow and tender pink.  

But on ABCtales March has been gold.  

The deep old gold of a throaty laugh from mikesize1:

and Sean Mcnulty’s:

Doesn’t gold look striking against a dark background?  We have yet another glinting funereal piece from Rosialie Kempthorne:

All wonderful - but our Story of the Month goes to HarveyJones35, with his survival guide to modern living.  It’s sharp, perceptive and very funny.  He uses form in a manner most appropriate to his topic.  There’s something fresh in this sardonic piece.  Make your day and read it.  If you already have, read it again – you know you want to.  

Poetry has been another treasure trove with gems such as Alfie Shoyger’s chatty chappies of the squirrel world:

to Rhiannon’s portrait of the natural world springing to life:

Ewan’s perfect little poem pierces the heart with something more than colour:

Before I break into song with Gold (à la Spandau Ballet), I give you a far more worthy celebration of the colour, worn so well by that underestimated beauty, gorse.  

Poem of the Month goes to Di Hard and her stunning poem, Gorse.  Of course gorse sports yellow, nothing as gaudy as gold.  A humble plant revealed in a joyful form that will not fail to lift your spirits:

Thanks to all of our contributors for such a great month’s reading in such a changeable month.

Helen x