Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of July, very kindly chosen by Ewan:


This month's increase in membership has provided a surge in quantity and a significant "up-tick" in quality. There is a great deal of quality prose and poetry available.       

July's Story of the Month is Pins (2020), by Stephen Thom. an atmospheric and disturbing longer multi-part piece that could easily turn out to be the next published novel from an ABC writer, if publishing ever wakes up to the fact that the next "whoever" is not necessarily what people want to read.  

The latest instalment of Pins is here
If you need to start from the beginning, go here Pins (2020) | ABCtales  
Special mentions in despatches must go to Mark Burrow's The Careers Teacher and Drew Payne's Moving Pictures.
Poem of the Month      

If anything this was even harder to choose. 

The last three or four months has produced some of the best poetry I've seen on ABCTales, so all poets pat yourselves on the back even if you are not mentioned here. 
Poem of the Month is onemorething's "Love is a Labour", it is a response to a poem by one of the 20th Century greats, Seamus Heaney, and it holds up well. 
Any one of several pieces by CoolHermit came close and here is just one.       
Little Ditty's Hunsdon Mead is a bucolic gem Hunsdon Mead | ABCtales
Well that's it.


Thanks ever so much! Am chuffed. Well done to everyone else too. 


Congratulations to the picks and all those mentioned. It's been an excellent month with loads of talent on view. 



Thanks for the mention!