Story and Poem of the Month

We're very grateful to Stephen Thom for picking our Story and Poem for the month of October:

Poem of the Month goes to 'November' by onemorething, which has beauty, weight and honesty in abundance, and which stood out for me as one of the most wonderful things about this type of expression; the ability to take our darker moments, hold them, and turn them into something beautiful, cathartic and vital:

Special mentions, also, to: , a powerful and inventively structured piece about a dark moment in medical history., a sweet expression of childhood memories and dreams


Story of the Month goes to 'Squash' by Noo, a wonderful and witty autumnal tale, full of colour, a touch of darkness, and a humour in the prose that reminded me of Shirley Jackson

Again, special mentions to:, for its ability to immediately craft a warm fictional world and characters full of personality, and for using the phrase 'cadge a dout'., a lovely, immersive, and evocative piece of life writing.

Congratulations all, and all the best with your writing for the rest of the year smiley



Fab. Congratulations to those both chosen and mentioned. 


Thanks very much indeed! Am chuffed. :)