Story and Poem of the Month

Chosen by Ewan.

As always it is no burden to choose the Picks of the Month on ABCTales. Consistently high standards of writing often put me in awe of so many of our members.


Celticman’s latest opus has begun: funny and earthy, his account of a new messiah arriving on Clydeside, ‘What Did Jesus Do?’ might sound a familiar concept, but it is much deeper than a famous comedy routine some of you might know. Rosalie Kempthorne’s Webworld continues to weave a rich metaphorical tapestry, which remains among the best dystopian SF I’ve read anywhere, much less on ABCTales. However, August’s story of the month is Simon Barget’s ‘Head’, since I can’t get it out of mine. One of our most original and distinctive contributors, this is one of Simon’s best.

There was some very fine poetry in the month of August and it is good to see some new names and returning old names posting. I enjoyed Gothicman’s The Lane Between Two Roads as I really do like a long poem. Marandina’s Kabul Airport was topical and gritty. August’s Poem of the Month goes to a personal favourite, ‘Lammas’, by onemorething.


To all on ABCTales, keep up the good work. The more we write the better we’ll get.


Some great selections there! 


Thank you! A wonderful surprise! 


Oh thank you for the mention. Congratulations to Simon and Rachel. Well deserved :)