Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Thank you for all the wonderful pieces on the site this week.  There has been some stunning work, and it's been very hard to make the Picks of the Week.

Poem of the Week goes to Di Hard's beautiful 'Getting Ready'.  Beautiful, sensuous language, and a real feeling of strength and renewal.  There are many layers to this poem, and it rewards any number of readings:  Getting Ready | ABCtales

Story of the Week is 'My New Nemesis', the latest fascinating episode in mitzi44's account of a childhood split between two cultures.  Places and people spring to life in her vivid prose, and she manages to let us see the world through a child's eyes, filtered through the emotions of the adult who remembers:  My New Nemesis | ABCtales

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 Feb, is our ABCTales Virtual Reading Night!  All the reading slots are taken (and it's a cracking line-up) but if you would like to be in our virtual audience, please register at the link below.  The fun starts at 7pm UK time - there's always lots of laughter as well as some really great readings.

This week's Inspiration Point is here:  Inspiration Point: Writing Cues To Battle Writer's Block | ABCtales

Have a safe and happy week!  


Currently unable to open talk talk webmail; could you please advise my slot(s) times?
Thank you.


I'll pass your message on Luigi - and reply here


many thanks. x


Hi Luigi, 

I'm just doing times now -- i'll message here in about 30 mins. Hope that's okay. smiley


Hi Luigi -- I'll email you shortly as well but you're down to be on at around 19:20. 

I'll see you tomorrow!