I'm very very pleased to announce that we will be having another of our spectacular virtual reading events on Sunday December 11th

Timings not yet firmed up but we usually start around 7pm and go on until around 9pm. Everybody is very welcome and we're speciifically doing this at the weekend so our friends across the pond can come

Please get in touch EARLY if you want to read as the list always fills up fast, and you are more than welcome to come along as part of the audience too

Contact either:


You must register with us whether you're reading or just watching

Hudsonmoon has already promised to write (and sing) a new song especially for the event so you can experience a world exclusive debut! 

Mark Burrow will be our MC and onemorething and I will be organising the reading list

If you're not familiar with Zoom we're more than happy to help you beforehand - just let us know

We would especially love to see new faces as well as old - please don't be put off if you've never tried before - you'll be made very welcome

Tinsel, mince pies, reindeer and alcohol optional!


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I'll watch. But if you're stuck for readers (you never are) I'll read too. 


Thank you celticman! I will put you on the list


cheers insert. I don't get many invites nowdays. 


consider yourself invited!


Is Zoom strictly visual? 





TJ - no, not strictly visual at all. When you log in with the code you'd get after registering, you'd have the option to turn on your camera and mic but I don't think either of them is compulsory. If you had your mic on but no camera, all we'd see is a screen with your username. If you want to have a practice beforehand, one of us would be happy to help out. It would be lovely if you'd read something, but also great if you come along to listen to the others. Email me or rachel if you need more info


good stuff!!


Have you registered yet Ray? Email to book your space. If you don't want to read it would still be lovely to see you in the audience


It works for me, Claudine. I'll come up with somenthing. Alwasys a lot of fun. xx




Hudsonmoon has already promised to write (and sing) a new song especially for the event so you can experience a world exclusive debut! 

no pressure Rich smiley


Ha. No pressure. Went an opened my big mouth. But I now have a chorus, so I'm locked in.





So happy to see another reading night here; they're so much fun and I'd love to be a part of it; count me in.smiley


Lovely! Don't forget to register via Really looking forward to seeing you!


I am down to read but have done the last few events. Happy to let a newer member take my place if they want it. I will sit in the audience next to CM sharing his cans of Tennents and eating popcorn. 


haha - I don't know if he'd share his beer! That's a very kind offer Marandina thank you. If you email you can let her know. We have a few people who've made the same offer (celticman included!) so I think we have a seperate list for them