30 Stories in 30 Days.

I set myself a challenge for November. Write a story a day. 30 Stories in 30 days. Minimum 500 words.  I failed! Miserably. I wrote 20. I hadn't taken into account there might be a few problems along the way. Like having Gout twice during November, oh and four days of man flu. But it has got me writing again and that's a good thing. I kind of dried up a bit and found myself being too busy to sit down and tap away at the keyboard. Now I'm tapping away like a madman. Loads of ideas keep popping up and this month I want to write another 20.

Wish me luck...


20 out of 30 ain't bad. that's a B1+. But A+ for effort. 


Good luck jolono! The well's pretty dry here, too. Whenever I throw a bucket down, it comes back up full of foul-smelling mud. Nature's way of saying take a rest in my case. That's a British English rest by the way, Rich.

Parson Thru

I still think you should give yourself a pat on the back for the 20 you managed - they were all pretty good as far as I can remember - and it's great that it's got you going again - congratulations! (gout - ouch! Hope it goes away swiftly)


Thanks all. Never had Gout before but I tick all the boxes so no suprise It finally caught up with me. Slight change of diet and a couple of tablets and its sorted, but boy is it painful....