ABCtales & Unbound

This week I’m proud to announce a new collaboration between ABCtales and Unbound - the crowdfunding publisher who have already published one ABCtaler’s novel, Jennifer Pickup’s Unbelievable.

Unbound offers a modern take on publishing, putting readers directly in touch with authors. Authors get a platform on Unbound to pitch their book, and if enough readers support it, the book gets published. It’s a simple way of putting the power of publishing back in readers’ hands, and Unbound is firmly committed to giving new voices a chance to break out.

That’s where ABC comes in. Unbound wants to draw on the ABC community to help identify and promote debut novelists, and this month they’ll be putting up three novels written on ABCtales. This is the start, we hope, of a long running venture that will give ABCtales authors a new way of getting their work noticed and in the hands of readers.

Chances are that if you’ve been around ABC for a while you’ve had a read of the first drafts of all three of these books, as they’ve earned much-warranted praise during their writing on these pages. You’ll see Celticman's Lily Poole (formerly known as School Photos), Ewan's Gibbous House and Lavadis's Ex. Three outstanding works of fiction that run the gamut of the styles and insight on offer across ABC.

Much, much more to come on these three excellent novels – but for now lets celebrate. I hope you’ll all get behind what I hope will be the start of a long run of ABCtales authors publishing through Unbound.

Our story of the week come from a new series Ewan has been putting up on ABC. He’s been away from the site for a while, but he’s back with an altogether surprising, imaginative start to a novel – A P.I. named Gabriel – one part street-talking tough guy one part angel (literally) is on Earth tracking down the infamous Lillith. This is Men In Black meets Dogma; a perfectly paced detective noir with an incredible array of detail about both heaven and earth. There’s a little snatch of something surprising in each section – read the latest excerpt here or start from the beginning.

Our poem of the week is a stunningly subtle response to this week’s IP, Exit Strategies. Agnosticum's Regarding your roses, sir, carefully balances two characters, and two lives, in verse, illuminating the life of a relationship in the interstices between which feelings can be shared and which can not. A very finely wrought piece.

Agnosticum’s response wasn’t the only terrific take on this week’s IP – they seem to be getting better and better. I’d urge you all to have a go at this week’s, too - The Rehearsal.


Terrific news Luke. I've read Celticmans and Lavadis but not Ewans. Something I am going to rectify straightaway. The collaboration between Abc and Unbound is a fantastic opportunity for everyone on here. Once again, great news. 


Too right Joe.



I've not read any of them, but the first guy you mentioned sounds like he knows what he's doing. As a neutral ABCer I'd back him.


I am a neutral ABC'er and the one I have read is very good. Is there a reason for the change of title?

That's made me do more than just chuckle celt!  LOL.


I am a neutral Abcer Elsie and I'd suggest the change of title was an editorial decision made with the full cooperation of the board.


I am absolutely delighted that this has finally come to fruition. It's only been two years in the making! It's great news - but now comes the hard part. We have to back these books big time so unbuckle your purses and let's make this go with a bang!



When I saw this thread I registered with Unbound so that I could contribute ans so on.  I asked a question there concerning how much (£'s) is needed by each author to make it possible to get their book 'out there'.  Does anyone here know the answer to that, does it depend on the book's length etc?


About £5 grand.


Bloody Hell.


smileyHi Scratch, I hope your well. Before I comment, I had to say your reaction was mine, but you said it&then wrote it down, which made me laugh thanks x


Take Care

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When you think that the minimum pledge is a tenner, which, lets face it most people will be willing to give. You need a lot of pledges!


Do prospective authors get to market their book beyond the video that they make (via social media etc) or do they have to rely on the video alone?


I don't know the answer to these questions. I just do what I'm doing and hope it turn out ok. If not, not the end of the world. I don't imagine the world is waiting for me to publish.


smileyHi hope your well. I wanted to say, the world is waiting for you defiantly to be published, it just doesn't know it yetlaugh.While I think its great we are getting more oppurtunity to let others see our work, youtube, social media site, for the few of us, me lol that want to be read, but not seen, thats harder lol.If that makes sense, sorry if not, hardly slept last nigh and feel more like a walking corps lol.


Take care

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Anyway, £12K for dinner with some Tory nobs. Sponsor me for that instead.


I'd love to be there to see the carnage mate.


It's an interesting opportunity. But knowing human nature, whoever is first up gains an incredible advantage before shall we say compassion fatigue and boredom becomes the norm.


smileyHi Luke,I hope your ok.And thanks for letting us know, while I am still not sure what this will entail for us not so brilliant writers, me of course I mean lol.It will be great for others who will get their work where it belongs published,even if it takes a lot of us to support it, like we did for Jennifer, great book isn't;t it.

But a small step how ever hard or financial up hill it may be, is a step closer for us neverthelessyes

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thanks Prettyrose. Your comments (despite your tiredness) are uplifting. I wouldn't want or expect those that can't afford a few quid to buy my book to put themselves out.


When do the books get put up on Unbound? I've searched, can pledge £10.....

The projects go up this week. We'll make a big noise when they go up - thanks all of you for your support and interest already. 


To answer your question scratch - I think any an all self-marketing from the authors is encouraged. 

And prettyrose- these are our initial effort with unbound. If they're a success we'll be looking into doin more books, as well as into ways to help all our authors publish and get their work out there.

it's an exciting time to be part of ABC!