Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

What I’m feeling seeing my book in print is hard to describe...I’m both amazed and scared that it’s out there, elated that I had the courage to self-publish it, but worried I’ve made a mistake.

On the mundane fears, I hope I’ve corrected all typos, and on a little higher concern, I hope someone reads it…even one review would be nice to see…but either way, I do like that I can order an author’s copy - wow author…that’s me? Yes, I suppose it is because my paperback even has an ISBN and I have a dedication page – I’ve dedicated it to my family fo course but also in part to the abctales community for its unique ability to make writers feel welcome on the site. I know I've felt welcome from my very first post because of all the uplifting and encouraging comments that the writers and editors have left in comments on my posts. It helped me find my courage to continue writing and posting my work. I thank the writer’s lucky stars for this online community and I hope it prospers and grows indefinitely so it will be here for all the new writers out there, who are just finding their way to it.

I have to admit, I’m not the most confident of writers but I really do love to write. I'm always running through scenarios, new story plots and writing chapters to see where they might go but...I'd never thought of self publishing before but it's a fairly new option. The opportunity to be published had rested solely with the publishing houses before and...admittedly...It is nice to have this other option and it is very enticing to see if you have something others might like to read.

Anyway - that's what I've done...and I'm not sure yet if it will fly...but at least I've pushed it out of the nest.

Thanks for listening-smiley

If any would care to read or review my book on Amazon, I'd be grateful for the critiques:

“PERFECT” by JoAnne Stefanizzi



Big congratulations on your book! If you'd like to send me a link (claudine@abctales.com) and perhaps a pic of the artwork for the cover I'll put it on our front page. We always like to highlight our ABCTalers successes. 


Thank you insert- I am So grateful - I have sent you the link and cover art- smiley


Really delighted to hear this.  Just getting it out there is a big achievement.  Well done!

Thank you airyfairy- and yes, getting it out there is a big step for me and I can't say I'm comfortable with it yet but I'm working on that. smiley


well done and best of luck. you should include a link to your book in your post. 


Thanks for the advice celticman - I will definitely add a link here.


It is a scary thing, but really rewarding. Hope it does well. I'll be ordering a copy!


So nice of you to do that and please let me know what you think of it.


what you mean Penny as I got in the same boat yesterday. It's a thrilling time in the midst of a pandemic. Great job. You're an author now.


Thank you - It does feel amazing to see it in print and to have an actual copy. I still need to learn how to self promote but I am not extroverted so this part is hard for me.