ABCtaler Strikes It Big

It’s always uplifting to be the bringer of good news. 

Many of us know that getting anything published is difficult, even getting a short poem accepted by an obscure journal sometimes seems to be an impossible ambition. 

Getting past the agents - the sentinels of the literary world - is an entirely different and extremely difficult proposition.  So, fast-forward a few thousand miles and imagine not just securing a contract with a major publisher but also receiving a very tidy advance on your novel. 

Stuff of dreams?  Maybe.  But that’s exactly what long-time ABCtales member Tony Thorne has managed to do.

A major Chinese publisher based in Beijing has snapped up Tony’s brilliant book Singularity and the first print run of 3K copies is in press.

A huge collective ABCtales WELL DONE! Tony.  Let this be the start of an avalanche of publications for you.  More power to your pen.

I'd like to offer congratulations from Tony Cook, the editorial team and the greater ABCtales family on your wonderful news.


The gate's unlocked!!!



Congratulations, Tony! All the best of luck.


That's fantastic. All the best, Tony. Hope you sell a bunch.

All the best,



Great news!  More power to your pen.


Wishing more success




Fantastic news! 


Massive congratulations Tony. We all know how hard it is to get published. Pour yourself a glass of something nice sir!


it's impossible to get published. So when somebody does get published, it seems more not less impossible. It makes you a believer, an author of the dream. 


Brilliant! Well done!

The beat of your heart is the mellifluent rhythm to my soul.

Great news, well done Tony!


Congratulations - so who's the publisher?