ABCtales hit Nottingham last Saturday!

Our next ABCtales reading event is bound for Nottingham... tomorrow night!  Do join us on Saturday 5th September at 7pm, The Cross Keys, 15 Byard Lane, Nottingham, NG1 2GJ for prose and poetry in a splendid city. It’s a vibrant reading line up, including Blackjack Davey, Johnshade, Philip Sidney, airy fairy, Bear, Scratch, London Calling, Luigi Pagano, Denzella, Lisa H. If you’d like to read, there are still a couple of slots, so drop me an email as soon as possible at:  Entry is £5 (£3 concessions) and readers get in for free. All proceeds go to the charity, The Railway Children.  It promises to be an evening full of literary treats and laughter, so book it in your social diary now and bring some friends.

Can’t wait to see you in the autumn!  

Best Wishes,


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NB. Original post courtesy of VeraClark


Well thank you Vera, for organising such a lovely evening.  I'd never been to a reading before, but this was such a wonderful event of sharing and meeting.  All of the writers so very good, and such good company too.  It's something very special that people from all over can choose to come together to be creative.  Thanks to everyone who makes this possibel. laugh

I thought that it was an exceptional night - even by our usually high standards. A good crowd, and excellent set of readers and a wonderful venue. Thankyou Ray for organising it. We raised £127 for The Railway Children as well so good on you all.

If you haven't been to an ABCtales evening then this was a great advert for them - don't miss the next one!



It was one of the best - if not the best event that I've been to.  

Fantastic quality from every reader and in its most simple form a brilliant night's entertainment.  

There's another due to be held up in London at the usual venue as the nights draw in.  Keep an eye on the forum for confirmation of the date which will be announced soon.

Thanks to everyone - readers and listeners alike - but a special thank you to VeraClark for putting all the hard work in to make it happen - and how!

We hope to see a record crowd in London!


well done Vera (anyone that organises anything amazes me) and well done the readers. 


Fantastic night - thank you so much Vera!  And to everyone who came.  It was wonderful to put faces to names (and even names to names!).  My first ABC event but definitely not my last.

Just seen this so had to add my two pennorth.  Yes, it really was a great night but  I've enjoyed all the  ones I've been to and I think if anyone can make it  but  decides not to  then they are really missing out.  I would go tg the London one as well but I can't get there so those of you that can don't miss out.

Thank you to Vera for giving us all a really fab night.  How you managed to arrange it  with two little ones to care for,,I just don't know...


It was a lovely night, enjoyed organising it. The pub made a fortune and would happily have us all back to boost booze sales anytime soon. 


Congrats to all involved. I will make it there one day. It's on my buket list. Actually there are only two things on my bucket list. Attending a UK reading and worldwide peace, love and understanding in my life time.



That should be easy enough then, Rich...


Haha, Rich, will hold you to a visit over here!

Was a great night, thanks again to Vera for organising (because she's just that awesome). Got up there and read and actually had no nerves for once, yay! Sorry I had to duck out early, was asleep in the car about five minutes later. :)

Are there any photos of the event?