Jack and James

The photo was taken at 6.30am on New Year’s Day. James (almost 2 years) and Jack (5 years) are having a sleepover and had taken over our bed… they wake up early regardless of whatever day of the year it is. We have a spare room which we’ve set up for grandkids, but they all invade our bedroom early mornings during sleepovers.


They are the children of our youngest daughter, Claire. Their dad, Mark, is in hospital for a couple of days having some tests carried out. He’d had a constant raging headache for about a week which concerned his GP, who’d arranged for him to be checked over at hospital. A brain scan showed no abnormalities and he’s now waiting for a sample of spinal fluid to be taken for analysis. We offered to look after the boys for a few days, so Claire was free to go hither and thither as required. Mark seems comfortable and the NHS care he's getting is excellent.


The lads are very good… both well behaved, lively and intelligent… and as I say, very early risers. Jack has been a competent reader for a couple of years and has recently moved on to his first Harry Potter book. He’s currently learning to play the piano, though hasn’t started on his first symphony as yet. James is learning the fine arts of the okey-cokey and his ‘put your left leg out’ movement is considered to be world class. He does however get mixed up between his ‘okey’ and his ‘ra ra ra’ and it tends to come out as ‘Oh, the okey-rokey-rokey’.


I hope everything turns out ok Shackleton.


cheeky wee faces, love it. 


So sorry to hear this news.  I hope the warmth of a loving family helps Mark get through this time.


Thanks for your comments. Mark is still waiting for his lumber puncture so they can run tests on his spinal fluid. Reduced staffing levels over the new year have led to a delay. Hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Jack and James are still running us ragged. Wacky Warehouse tomorrow, Wonderful life!


Just to let you know that Mark is now back home. The lumber punctured confirmed no physical problem. The headaches are thought to have been caused by eyestrain or maybe just the stress of life.


Brilliant news!


What a relief it must be for him to be finally home and in the clear. Hope his health stays positive.