Some Sadness and Great Joy

I am sorry to report that Luke Neima has left us for the Granta but he goes with my lasting appreciation for a great job done. Luke will still be about to help to promote our Unbound books (so if you haven't signed up yet please do so now!).

In his place scratch and insert, aka Peter Hitchen and Claudine Lazar, are taking over as the main Editors in a job sharing arrangement. I am delighted that they feel able to take on the onerous task of running ABCtales on a day to day basis and from everything I've seen so far I am sure they will be terrific.

If you have ideas about what we should be doing or changing on the site then please let them know. All ideas are welcome. This is very much YOUR site and your views are greatly appreciated.

Support our Unbound folks and keep on writing and reading.

All the best to you all,

Tony Cook


I'd ditch the Granta and edit it to read just Granta. Claudine and Scratch are a great choice.



"...scratch and insert..."   

"...I am delighted that they feel able to take on the onerous task of running ABCtales on a day to day basis and from everything I've seen so far I am sure they will be terrific..."

I always liked the anonymity of guest editors standing in from time to time to cover holidays etc.

I never ever had an inkling of who the Eds were or who awarded the lovely cherries ( apart from Tony and Luke) 

But I have great pleasure in reporting that Scratch has been very supportive to me and all the other scribes on ABC tales.

Likewise my  dear Insert, who always pulled me up for errors in grammar and  hints elswhere.

I now need to think of another  user name now so I can be anonymous.

Brian aka Bryan aka Scozen aka Torscot aka ?

Three cheers to Peter and Claudine,  eds at large.



Made me smile and then laugh torscot, don't you think that being unmasked is what we all deserve in the end?  

So, there it is;

Peter John Hitchen (scratch) is an editor on ABCtales.

I feel better now.


There are LOADS of editors Torscot (it's good - we all have very different tastes) - you will never know where your cherries come from. Also - I had NO idea you were ScoZen - none at all! And finally, it's GRAMMAR!  


Hello dear insert

Thanks for pointing out my error, grammar now corrected

Regards and take care.

ps.  As  for my old name scozen, I'm unable to log in as have lost all my details, so for the present  I shall remain torscot


So insertponceyfrenchname has really got a French name! One Abc puzzle now solved. I am sure you will both do well.

Now I know why York isn't happening.  Congratulations and my very best wishes to you Scratch and to you Insert.  You will both do a fine job.  

Scratch, I hope this doesn't mean you won't finish Daniel.  You wouldn't do that to me,  would you?

I would also like to thank insert and scratch for all their encouragement with my Planet story.  I am still trying to keep it going.



Thanks so much Moya.  

Yes you're right, this and other writing related things has conspired to delay (not postpone) the York reading.  Thank you for caring about the boy.  Well, my cover is well and truly blown so I'll try to live up to expectations.  



An excellent appointment. Scratch, you are absolutely amazing in the way you encourage newcomers (I would know) and I know you will do your best (which is an excellent best, always, always, always) with this job. Claudine- haven't had much to do with you but I did read "Lucky" and loved it to pieces. You definitely rock, too! Congratulations both. 



Brilliant choice insert and scratch. Both great and helpful writers, always ready with a perceptive and useful comment.  (and I second Moya's comments on Daniel).   Now I must get my arse into gear and get back to writing, in case they haven't got enough to do!. Good luck to Luke too.


smileycongratulations to scratch and insert.yes. Like you Linda I have been unable to write much latelty but hopefully will soon, but I think I had better up my game now lololol.



I wanted to say Thank you Luke the were only a few times we communicated sadly, but you were helpeful, polite and brilliant at what you did&so encouraging to me and others.:))))

smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx