Submarine gets great reviews

The film of Submarine - the novel by Joe Dunthorne that started life here on ABCtales - is getting rave reviews. If you haven't read the book, then do! And if you go and see the film then please leave a review here on the forums.

It just goes to show how ABCtales can help you develop as a writer. Joe was a student at UEA when he started on here and he still posts from time to time as 'spack'. Find his work here:

I just hope we all have the same success.


That's amazing, I saw just a glimpse of Richard Ayoade talking about the film, might go and see it now :)


Wowsers, in his little red trousers, that's a great film. It's inspiring me to write a short story about tortoise brand pot cleaner, that's how good it is. Must get book now.


How fantastic. Will get the book today.


oh my god! ABCtales is a pretty site isn't it? I found it just by luck. people told me i'm good so here I am. But I am the second worst to be on abctales

hey i bought his poetry book by faber & faber and that was worth the money... called "Joe Dunthorpe" about 15 poems - available at waterstones...

maisie angel Guess what?  I'm still alive!

Bought the book a few days ago, didn't put it down once. Amazing stuff!