The 4:10 to Cold Spring

Igor on the 4:10 to Cold Spring 10/25/11

Maybe I should just grab a camera and take pictures on the train. Easier on the fingers.

Man-Bagging it on the 4:10 to Cold Spring 10/21/11

Of man bags and quiet cars. Edited for minor errors. I may just take up bowling, it's easier on the brain.

Taking the 5:40 with Kerouac IP

"Got a ukulele/Now I'm not a fraidy/Cat in case I get a bout of blues" Loudon Wainwright III

To the Heart of the Matter on the 4:10 to Cold Spring 10/24/11

Monday writes are just what I suspected they'd be. Too much like work.

Wednesday's Child on the 4:10 to Cold Spring 10/26/11

Chugging along on hump day. Some annoying mistakes. But that's the trouble with writing on the train. I have to go home and figure out what I wrote and then type it out.