Advent Calendars

Bringing together the variety of sort-of Advent calendars I've done over the years during December.

Also there are some 'Advent steps' under the 'Christmas' collection eg

There's also a 'number' on for 1 - 20 December just on the numbers at

Advent Calendar … December 24th & 25th (+ prev.)

A nature bigger than the size of manger where the baby lies awhile – he soon was seen to be so wise, then dying on a cross – to save, procure what all should prize: this grace astounding he supplies surpasses all that money buys: one day to him we shall arise.

December Christmas Acrostic — 'Z' (26, the end!) [and previous]

Zeal for following the Son, zest in life that he has won, Zion depicts our heavenly home. Zoom ahead to heavenly vision – Zenith of Christmas joy begun

Window 24) Shepherds …

[And previous days] An angel came to shepherds lowly to tell them of Christ’s birth – a Saviour bringing joy, God’s blessing to humble folk throughout the earth. [See …

The Whole Advent Calendar December 2022

[I have often attempted some sort of Advent Calendar in December. Last year it was just on each day-number, others have attempted the background to the birth in the manger. This year I've attempted verse again on the numbers of the days, but drawing out some significance from the Bible history, all in brief limerick form. Limerick form was not used to indicate humour, but as a form to make a catchy brief point.] I've now combined the 25 individual days, and of course lost a few comments.