All about peterelbee

Peterelbee has been writing stories for quite a number of years now. He is born and bred in Wellington (New Zealand) and though has not had much published enjoys creative writing all the same.

As well as the stories posted on ABCTales Peterelbee is presently writing a fictitious blog in the form of an alien report about his experiences with interstellar travel. Dimensional Doorways and thoughts on the planet Earth in general. Feel free to visit this blog. Any comments or feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

The link to this blog is

Peterelbee also writes stories under the alias of Mynamelez and has been a regular contributor to (similar to abctales) for the past five years but sadly the site has closed down.

Both Peterelbee and Mynamelez have had fun with their creative writing projects and hope to continue expanding their imaginations and entertain you all with stories from the surreal to the sublime.

The purpose of this collection is to give readers a general rundown on peterelbee


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