American tales

Written whilst I was in america and therefore dedicated to Gary, Jen, Alex and Jo

Levitation lessons

Eleven Lexington Avenue. I was expecting it to be some kind of community hall, but it look just like a normal apartment from the outside. I rang the bell anyway.

A night in the old well (200 words)

Tomorrow I turn 17, so tonight I have to sleep at the bottom of the old well, such is the tradition for boys in our village. Tomorrow I will wake up a man.

Out of body experience

Apparently my heart stopped during the operation.

Our future (200 words)

We always referred to it as our future, the ever-growing wad of blue-note, stored secretly behind the panel in the wardrobe.


Mickey wasn't a criminal. Sure, he'd done a few bad things but who hasn't?

Mushroom risotto

We'd never catered for vegetarians before. My usual method of cooking for guests is to throw a joint of beef or a chicken in the oven and add the spuds, veg and Yorkshire pud.

Lucky numbers

We were abroad when our numbers came up, a once in a lifetime trip to the States for Gary and Jen's Wedding, taking in New York, Chicago and the sights. Twenty-seven days altogether.