Among the ruins

A coming of age novel about a young man at university in South London.

Adam St. George is a damaged, lost, and most importantly, bored young man.

He meets two equally lost and dangerous people.

There is Luke Woolfe, a young rich aristocrat who has enough money to buy expensive wines and pour them down the sink, but who has a taste for cheap cider and an ear for Romantic poetry.

There is also Evelyn Rouge, a beautiful young woman, who looks like a fairytale princess, but who wants nothing more than to drink and fight.

Together their love, lust and hatred tears apart the small university community.

Their story is about the people they kill, the nights they spend drinking and fucking, and their hope for that elusive happily-ever-after.

Among the Ruins Chapter1, Part 1

Luke Woolfe and Evelyn Rouge will always be a part of me. We were friends for little less than a year, but they impacted on every aspect of my life...

Among the Ruins Chapter1, Part 2

“I saw you talking to that French girl again,” Evelyn said, with a malicious smile. She glanced at Luke and raised her eyebrows, but Luke refused to...

Among the Ruins Chapter1, Part 3

We lapsed into the same sort of stale conversation that was so common after she left us. It always happened. We need lots more alcohol to get back...