Opening chapter fragments to work-in-progress novel.




Castaway - 2. Edith is visited

This piece has been removed as it is being read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 19.08.12 at 4pm!

Castaway - 1. The Velvet Roar

The Velvet Roar -------------------------------------------------- ‘Begbie didn't do drugs... He just did people. That's what he got off on; his own sensory addiction’

Castaway - 4. The 'Nor Buoy

-- Your childhood sounds rather idyllic. You grew up in Maidstone, before moving to Shoeburyness, Essex when you were 9. The sea must be in your soul...?

Castaway -- 3. A lucky escape

The lines on the tape deck’s waveform peaked and troughed like writhing worms. Stewart held the headphones close to his head.