The City and its Creatures

The fears and desires of the human animals that inhabit our cities...


Drunk, Polite, Lazy, Scared

Boy meets girl. They stay together. Is this love?
Story of the week

A Gangster Smile

The first time I see Archie, waiting in the playground, I hate him. Of course I hate him. He is fat with the weight of regular restaurant dinners.

A House is Not a Home

MEMO: Revised Day Corporation company guidelines To be distributed to all employees of the Day Corporation

A Naturally Boisterous Child

'Obsessed, they're calling it?

The Legal Opportunities of an Elephant

DANIEL HOWARD: So I just thought we could have this meeting, Marnie and I, to do this amicably, in private. So we can avoid the courts, gentlemen.
Gold cherry

Double Debra

When Debra walked out on him on Thursday afternoon, Joseph knew just the sounds she would make as she left: the stamp down the stairs, the pause to put on her coat, the slam of the flat door.