coffee and cigarettes


when i stand outside my kitchen door at midnight smoking a cigarette and drinking whisky there's a shadow of me fifty foot long which stretches into next door's garden my head covers the apple tree

(girl in a white) vest

Girl in a white vest he glanced from the other side of the cafe at the girl in the white vest her wet hair glistened the just out of the shower look...

caring neighbour

see that old sofa it used to grace my living room not any more i bought a fuck off leather number and chucked that piece of shit away right there in the car park it ain't mine no more i got rid

Daily grind

sitting in the daily grind coffee stirs beside him 60c of pleasure a girl sits in a corner intense a sensual whirlpool eyes meet over coffees over...


He swoops like a hawk On to the discarded butt Deposits it in his pouch His eyes dart around Looking for prey and Watching for predators Quickly he speeds down The north London street