The Days

Robbie Jackson leaves Spain. The Russian Mafia are trying to find him and so are the British Police. All Robbie is trying to do is survive.

Day Six

Just when you thought it had finished! It's back...

Day Five

The Final Day for Robbie.

Day Four

Robbie makes some mistakes and Ivan is quick on his tail. Things are about to get very messy.

Day One

Maybe the start of something, maybe not. See what happens...

Day Three

Ivan is desperate to find out where Robbie is. He calls in some favours and asks a few questions.

Day Three ( Cont)

Day three comes to a close. Robbie has a plan and Ivan is thing about revenge.

Day Two

The story starts to unfold. But why is he here?

Day Two ( Cont)

The reason Robert Jackson is back in the UK becomes clear.