Duplicate: Undead

Sixteen year old Talon Benz has it good: a loving family, girls, popularity...there's just one small problem: he doesn't exist. 
In 2040, two years after an airborne pandemic causes incurable genetic deterioration, mankind lives on, free of extinction worries. Why? Because Dr. Pernsmon's found a cure and everyone believes his predictions of a new and improved tomorrow--where physics manipulation replaces technology.  
In order to discover Earth's dark secrets, be more than just a phantom, win over the one girl he can't seem to sway, and fight off more trouble than he's ever known, he'll have to become the person he never really was. 

Jimmy (part 2)

"Age." You blink fast, then squint at the floating ball of light next to your head. A dainty, copper-toned hand slams the tabletop, and you follow...