Flying Saucer

A story about flying saucers


Flying Saucer (ii) Scotland

"Scotland," said Pete. He phoned me at my parents house. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I happened to be in. "Scotland?" "Scotland." "What about...

Flying Saucer (iii) The Lass

I walked round the island to get my bearings. It was about two miles in circumference. Apart from one house, which was obviously where the Lass lived...

Flying Saucer (iv) Another day on the island

I spent a wondrous day combining short bouts of frantic exertion followed by lazing in recovery position. By the evening the Lass had worked her way...

Flying Saucer (v) The Secret American Air Base

"What?" I said, incredulous. "Aye, she's right," the Boatman said. "All this talk of flying saucers is arsehair wool being pulled over yer eyes."...