Geoff's poems

short poems hopefully in similar style to
Pam Ayres work


I'm Geoff with a 'G' Not Jeff with a 'J' And that's how I like it Whatever people say It was good enough for Chaucer So it's good enough for me He also wrote his name 'eo'


Some time ago you told me that You’d kept everything I gave yer Whatever else you might have done This is strange behaviour You’ve got a boat, there’s a bridge you made


Each morn in the dawn I wake up to see Fluffy straight lines in the sky Some running parallel and others across But the question I’m asking is why So I knelt down by my bedside to pray

Waiting for a lady

Waiting for a lady I’m sitting on a chair outside The loo in a department store I’m waiting for my partner Like many gents before Why ladies spend so long in loos

The yo-yo

Down when She learned she was adopted Up when Meeting her first husband Down when He left her childless Up meeting Her second husband Down again when He also died Up after

The pensioner's plea.

I can’t pay my gas bill Though the gov’ment’s very kind It’s given me lots of money To warm up my behind But that’s not the whole answer There’s my bits that outward stick