Handsome Tales

Tales relating to Kit Handsome


The Aeoroplane (1)

Kit Handsome was having a pretty shitty night. He had the beginnings of a summer cold and he couldn’t sleep for the constant need to shove his nose...

Airplane (2)

“Tell me about SuperDuck,”

Airplane (3)

Harkaway was in no fit state to drive, as he was still recovering from air sickness, so Handsome took the wheel. He talked through his thoughts on...

Airplane (4)

Murder was bad news. Any other police force in the country and a murder investigation could prove the making of his career, but out here on Boonhill...

Airplane (5)

“Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you,” the man said. Even with his face covered by the balaclava, Kit could make out the contours of a...