Hippo Tails

A selection of interrelated stories that started with a tale called The Mahogany Hippopotamus.

The Terracotta Taipan (Part One)

"Who's the letter from?” “I, er, I don't think you want to know.....”

The Mahogany Hippopotamus

This is a story made out of an impossible situation juggled around in my imagination, nothing more and nothing less, so don't bother looking for hidden meanings because there aren't any. Honestly.

The Hippopotamus And His Hippopotamissus (A Sequel To The Mahogany Hippopotamus) Part One

Twenty two years I gave that moose,” he groaned to the grey, peeling walls of his modestly sized abode. “Twenty two bloody years! You don't get that for murder.....

The Hippopotamus And His Hippapotamissus (Part Two)

“What sort of a question is that?” Blodwen snapped. “Isn't it obvious? I've come to find you and drag you home by the ear, you hippopotamissus deserting bastard!”

The Hippopotamus And His Hippopotamissus (Part Three)

I have an old friend who's not of this world – the Earth, I mean, not the moon, because the moon is the place he calls home. And when I say old, I mean really old.....

The Terracotta Taipan (Part Two)

“Don't tell me you've forgotten what happened when you turned up unannounced at my wigwam in the Gobi desert with Clarence and a number of other lowlifes, scum-bags and undesirables....."

Pigs Might Fly (Part Two)

Daffy and Sheila rushed into the living room just in time to see the first squealing, fiery blob smashing a car sized hole in the roof of the house opposite.