Key to the Glass Palace : CHILDREN'S


Sky, Palace, Glass, Architecture

A story around the theme of witches and a holiday story too.

* * *

'But the thirteenth child is hidden, for that child holds many secrets of magick, and is one by itself.
This unknown child can be found only with the joyful union of astrology and astronomy.'

A Witch's Grymoire.

* * *

'How Short a While'

How short a while - eternities gone by -
It is since book and candle, half the night,
Consumed the hours..................

Love flows around me with its calm and blessing;
I can but let it take me, and be still,
And know that you beloved, though far from me,
All night are with me - comforting, carressing.'

"There is a power that bound her and a power that will release her. Very soon I will wield that power myself."

Isolde Balliol 'The Magician's Nephew'

Booktango have recently published a new book of six short stories called 'Witches' Treasure', and it is available from as an ebook. The story 'Wishing Well' which is on here is contained in the book.


Harriet Goes to Scotland

Taliesin is crying............

Wishing Well

The re-telling of an olde and curious legend of a Yorkshire witch, a necromancer and a seer...........

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