Lizards Leap

My First Novel


Lizard's Leap: Chapter Four: Lost

The bedroom had vanished. Across the water were a million twinkling lights attached to huge buildings.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Five: Terrified and Alone

‘I wish we’d brought a camera,’ said Vicki. ‘Sharon Lazenby is not going to believe this.’

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Six: Going Once

Chapter Three: Shoo Fly. They were in the middle of an argument. ‘Ah but,’ Vicki shouted angrily, ‘you didn’t pay us when you said you would.’

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Seven: Run

Mark was still teasing Vicki, he was in no immediate danger of receiving a Chinese burn, and as they bickered, Kerry was jolted back to the present.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Eight: Shoo Fly

‘Phew.’ Emma said. ‘That was close. We could have been killed.’ Her voice was shaking

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Nine: The Letter

Chapter Four: Big Red Spots and Consequences. Emma was in a grump.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Ten: Implications

‘Vicki, you get out of that bed right this minute. I’ve called you three times and your breakfast is going cold,’ Nana shouted.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Eleven: Captured

Chapter Five: From Whence She Came They stood at the gates of Brampton Hall, terrified.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twelve: Answers And More Questions

‘Oh, now, don’t start panicking again. You’ll be back at the cinema in good time to meet your folks.’

Lizard's Leap: chapter Thirteen: From Whence She Came

‘My real name is Silkier Taffetine Ozenga. But I’m sure you can see the advantages of using the name Sylvia Sanders while I’m staying here. You may call me Sylvia.

Lizard's Leap: chapter fourteen: the King and Them.

Chapter Six: the king and Them There was no doubt about it. Not only had the lizard moved but it was also grinning.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Seventeen: He's Dying

‘What is it?’ Kerry shrieked, clinging to Emma. ‘I dunno, Kez,’ Vicki said. ‘But whatever it is, it’s big and it’s mean.’

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Eighteen: Let's Get Physical, Physical

‘It’s no good. It won’t work. I can’t get it off. I’m not strong enough.’ ‘Call for Sylvia,’ Emma said, with hysteria in her voice.

Lizard's Leap; Chapter Twenty One: I Can and I Will

Mark had driven everyone mad all morning going on about a competition on the Saturday morning children’s show, Get Up and Go.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Three: The First Puzzle

‘Where do we find the first puzzle?’ asked Mark, eager to begin the quest. They were all excited.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Eight: Monkey's and Mirrors.

He’s been making excited hand gestures for days and we can’t understand what he’s trying to tell us. He uses sign language, you know, but this is eluding us.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Thirty: The Key Puzzle

‘Well,’ said King Luke round a mouthful of chocolate sauce and ice-cream and Kerry thought it was terrible bad manners, though Mark approved of it, but wasn’t allowed to do it, ‘the final p

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Thirty One: How To Halve An Apple

They were letting the reality of this crazy world sink in when they reached the drawbridge. King Luke peered into the murky water looking for the golden key.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Thirty Two: Running the Gauntlet

‘No way,’ Vicki cried. ‘No way are you going down that hall, Mark. I’m your older sister, and I’m not having it.’

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Thirty Three: Strange Magic.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring—except Debbie Taylor.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Thirty Four: The Death of the Frame.

There were no nurses in the ward and everybody was asleep. It was risky. Any of the mothers could have been feeding their babies at this time, a thought that hadn’t previously occurred to them.

Lizard's Leap: Twenty Four: Password

They stared at the array of colour and nonsense before them.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Five: Coats, Hats and Boots

They were in an enormous hall. It was cool and Kerry shivered under her thin cardigan. The hall was the size of a football pitch; it was dark but not gloomy.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Six: A bear and a Bugle

A door opened and half a dozen large ladies came into the hall. They were dressed in long brown dresses with aprons over the top covered in big pink flowers.

Lizard's Leap: Chapter Twenty Seven: Monobo

Some time later, Lidlia took pity on them and brought out afternoon tea from the castle kitchens. Chef had cooked a ham especially in honour of the new guests.