This is the story of a band being created in Brighton, UK in the mid-90s. I want to serialise this and see how it progresses as a story. Bear with me as it will arrive in fits and starts.

This is a rewrite of my previous story 'I Wanna Be Adored." It will include parts of that story but I am intending of writing it from more than just one perspective. I hope this will  make for a richer and more rounded story.

Please leave me a comment, some feedback or some good old encouragement because it really helps me keep going.

Enjoy :)


Mumuration - Chapter 1 - 1994 (Part 1)

The moment she walked onto the Shark Club dance floor, Moony knew he was done. He just didn’t know how? Moony, or Steven Moon as he was less commonly...

Murmuration - Chapter One (Part Two) - 1994

(Back To Chapter One - Part One) Chapter One - Part Two Even his muscle memory tensed up as his body remembered the panic of walking into assembly or...

Murmuration - Chapter One (Part Three) - 1994

(Back to Chapter One - Part Two) Murmuration - Chapter One - Part Three He stopped and looked around. It took the world a little time to realise, it...

Murmuration - Chapter Two (Part 1)

Chapter Two - 1994 Alien flicked up the collar of his coat in a futile attempt to fight against the rain. Brighton rain never falls straight down...

Murmuration - Chapter 2 (Part 2)

(Link to Part 1) How do we incorporate this kind of stuff into our tunes.” Alien earnestly enquired “I can hear these sounds in our songs . . . “...