my dream my princess

it s basd upon my inspiration wich s a dream

best dream

I saw a dream.. In which there was a girl beautiful in extreme.. Her hands were small.. She was lookin like a cute doll.. i saw her eyes.. They were very deep i realised..

my sweetest day

The sweetest day i remmber.. That was in december.. In our 11th class..

sweetest thing i got

I love your cute noni eyes... Which are the reason for me to survive.. My life was like a uncontroled flyin kite.. YoU controld me by holdin its rope tight.. Now it is true...


i loved my girlfriend alot.. but after a long time only saperation we both got.. One day came.. when i took all blame.. Of her life's each and every vien..

my need

I didn't needed anyone.. I didn't wanted to be addicted to any special 1.. But this ANd started finding mate of soul.. ANd it found a beautiful angel..