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First day at MBA college

Before IIMU, I thought an MBA was a person who applies some logic to solve the problems, used management jargon and knew concepts and all which can...

Sleepless nights

Spending sleepless nights, thinking the things so deep, that even I don’t understand. These thoughts consume me in a way I can’t explain, which makes...


My time in the project is only around one and an half year but it has been an amazing experience working with you all, coming straight to the project...

my best friend

The day we met, i never thought such an awesome friend i ll get.. In our first encounters, We used to fight like monsters.. I knw earlier you thought i m a proud guy,

what to do?

I always wonder who i am, what i did myself in this life, what is my significance, but never got a answer from myself, i dont even remember how many times i failed in achieving what i want!