September 15

written on september 15 2008


I feel released, afloat flying through blue skies without a parachute not knowing where I will land

A6 Notebook

I should have taken speed to have an excuse for the way the pen is racing across the page of this notebook bought from WH Smith A6 Notebook Barcode 0071 4648 I can give you the phone number

The phone

the phone lays silent on a pub table in the shadow of the pint protecting it embracing it yet it remains stubbornly silent taunting me with inactivity teasing me it's taking the piss

no word thief

I thought they might have nicked my little WH Smith black book when I visited the loo I left it there on the table tempting wrong 'uns along with my half drunk pint and bag of peanuts


my juices are flowing I can't stop putting pen to paper the headache won't stop me the misery won't stop me the happiness won't stop me I have both misery and happiness at the same time