Shu's Adventure

A novel series  I am writing based around Shu Rimm traveling the world of Beldra.

It is a fantasy fiction series that I plan to hopefully get published later on.

Still in editing stages, I hope to get feedback on what can be fixed and doesn't need to be.

Includes a legend for multiple things such as the world, beliefs, ranks ( guild, demons, Angels) and characters. I am constantly adding onto the legend, so it is unfinished as of now.

Hope you all enjoy :)

Chapter 1

The 1st chapter of Shu's Adventure. Shu and Holly go to the guildhall for a chance to get 10,000 yen. But, what is the mission?

Chapter 3

The battle between the two elves and a demon begins.

Chapter 4

Shu and Holly head back to Valveyer to get their reward. But, things don't go as they planned. The guild is closed for the day, a mysterious guy makes an apperance. Read on to see what happens. =(^,.,^)=