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I have 9 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Matthew Brazwell

I am a avid writer and reader who hopes to eventually get my writings published. I am currently working on five novels, write random poems, and thinking about getting back to my old play I started back in high school.

My five novels are: Shu's Adventure, Exilio, Cosmodian, Lost Generations, and The Living Dead.

Shu's Adventure is my main series, which will consist of around fifteen books for the main story once finished. I am also working on several side stories and a complete legend for the series. This will more than likely be my life-long project. 

Most my poems are more on the depressing side of things, evolving around death and sadness. But I do have happy ones and even comical and educational ones. So a variety for those who don't want all sad ones. XD

I hope everyone enjoys my writing and I hope to find many interesting reads on here. =(^,.,^)=

My stories

Chapter 4

Shu and Holly head back to Valveyer to get their reward. But, things don't go as they planned. The guild is closed for the day, a mysterious guy makes an apperance. Read on to see what happens. =(^,.,^)=

Chapter 3

The battle between the two elves and a demon begins.

Chapter 1

The 1st chapter of Shu's Adventure. Shu and Holly go to the guildhall for a chance to get 10,000 yen. But, what is the mission?