The violent slumber of women.

A collection of nightmarish tales and the women who woke up with them. 

The Dancer

A modern fairytale. The girl waits for the man she knows isn't coming.

The Shopper (Part 1) New edit

A re-edit of the previously published story. Have you ever gone out looking for the 'shopper's high'? How many unsatisfied women have searched for that amazing new thing that promises to transform them, in just one easy passing of coin across palm? This is no cosy Christmas excursion. What does the woman really want and who is the stranger? What is the difference between the woman and the stranger? In two parts due to word count limit. Please read the second part too!

The Shopper (Part 2. Not much left to read..) New edit

It was nothing. A film of static and streaked images. The woman waited in vain for something to see, for something to make sense. It was definitely...