Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

I have taken the very difficult step of sending my work out to publishers – a big change for me…and now I am playing the waiting game…and I realized...although I am usually very optimistic in much of my life I'm not very optimistic in this part of me.

I do love to write…and I will always love to write but to think it could be published??? Not sure about that…and now I wonder…should I have sent my story in at all? Was it ready? Maybe I should have  proof read it one more time...

I realize all writers feel this way...sending off their very personal work for other’s eyes to judge… so I know I'm in very good company in my fear of rejection…and I wish I could say that makes it easier…but I would be lying…because it doesn’t.

And even knowing about all the critically acclaimed writers who’ve faced lots of rejection notices before being published...that doesn’t help ease my feelings of rejection either.

I guess it’s just a state of flux a writer has to accept if they decide to send...what they hope is a good story...out into the publishing world.  

So here I sit...checking my e-mail over and over...feeling my heart rate increase each time there's no response….but...no news could be good news…or...no news could just be …no news.


Oh well...I think I’ll go out and smell the roses or something…reconnect with nature…shake off this stagnant feeling and remember...Que sera sera. (What will be will be).


Thanks for listeningsmiley


Mostly you get rejected, but hey, that's life and you don't need to take it persoanlly. 


smileyThank you - I will try not to take any rejection personally and I will continue to write anyway so... life is still good.


Good luck Penny - come back and let us know if you're successful!


Yes, I definetly will. smiley


Hi Penny, I really hope you get results from taking that leap into the publishing world, but if you don't, then hey! Your love of writing will go on and I hope words, poems and stories will keep flowing for you.

Good luck from me too.


HI Jenny- Thank you for the encouragement, it's so kind of you to comment, I do truly appreciate it.smiley