Schism Update: Down but Not Out

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Schism Update: Down but Not Out

Due to a few incidents where my physical and mental health have fallen dramatically I have been making a slow but steady recovery in the past couple weeks. To those few who have read about this difficult project I thank you so very much for your support which has kept the lights on after all these years. Taking this incident in stride it makes me think about how such terrible moments in our lives can impact our creative process both for the good and bad when developing the stories we pour our entire essence into creating. One such individual I am inspired by is J.R.R Tolkein when he wrote his epicurion tale Lord of the Rings. Despite his failing health somehow, in some way, he persisted in his writing never once stopping a single day without writing a single page bare minimum.
So what is it that drove him to continue despite these hardships? Boredom, a curative form of therapy through his writing; or perhaps it was a form of acceptence of the misfortunes of fate. Although we may never know an exact answer we do know how it brought his story and characters to life. Tjrpugh those difficult momemts Tolkein injected some small part of his joy, his suffering into each aspect of the story as it unfolded. Courage through the uncertainty of an outcome that could only be defined by the persistence of his characters seeing the story through to the very end. He was down, but never out and in the end he crafted a masterwork of a series of stories beloved by many generations after he left this world. I reflect on this because I find myself in a similar predicament and it gives me strength realizing that through this endless suffering something far more beautiful will take it's place so long as I persist the same way Tolkein did in the face of insurmountable odds.
To all you writers out there I want you to understand that there is no such thing as the perfect writing day. No such thing as a model writer or process. Every day is perfect for writing so if you decide to not let yourself experience the bad when writing you are depriving yourself of a crucial source of inspiration to help form your story into magnificence. If you fail, your still a writet. If you succeed then you still habe yet to cement yourself as a writer. Being a writer is never easy even when the cards are in our favor for we each have our invisible enemies within us to remind you that there will always be that one day, week, or month when our persistence will be tested to it's maximum limit. You must continue no matter how many times it takes or what hardships we face both personally and publicly. If your going to write don't do it for anything else but for yourself alone. Be accountable of the time you have to write because you never know what form inspiration can take im the face of indescribable agony. So I will bear this current pain to shape the story that must be told even if my mind, body, and soul is my enemy. To turn doubt into hope. Hope you all are well and I look forward to finally finishing what should have been full circle countless years ago. Thank you.

I hope you make a speedy recovery Chinobus, and good luck with finishing your project smiley


I don't know you Chinobus, but understand everything you say to be so true. I wish you good health at this time and know that maybe in some way anyone reading what you've written here takes courage in knowing they're not alone in their own suffering.

May you also be as strong as Tolkein and continued to be inspired to write, for I'm sure it will help you.

Many blessings to you.


I read those Tolkien books the other day he is good. Did you know he came from South-Africa? Was born here I think?

All the best with your writing it sounds very ambitious nothing wrong with that. Hang in there!

Nolan &&


I guess writing is therapy, but more than that.