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Notes from Isolation 1: Characterization

I have been contemplating ways to keep everyone informed on my progress about my novel as that is very much essential as of now to avoid falling into...

Schism: The Final Stretch and Freedom from Agrophobia

To those few on here who have known my slightly shoddy work on my first novel I think it's time to come clean and make this an open letter confession...

Insomniacs Garden

As hours wane between the fading moon, This soul leaps through the nether thorns in a boundless frenzy, Mind transfixed whereupon what has, And has...

Three Children

So it was that each of the three danced, One near the warmth of a hearth, Another over a hungering grave, Third upon the stars entranced. As was they...

Chapter 21 Excerpt-Behind a Curtain

To all who stood before the solar factory the methods of how the Meticulum controlled the vast foray of endless lives scattered throughout reality...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Posted on Sun, 06 Jul 2014

Excellent choice of words and provides a sweeping view of the notoriuous hunting grounds of the infamous Jack the Ripper-esqe feel. However lets see something new. Love it but keep it interesting mes brave.

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Posted in Chapter One: The Old Compton Street Murder