Random things I write while either depressed or stark raving drunk.


A small poem about a merchant and his gifts to the world around him. Enjoy writing friends and good day to you all!

A Candle Burns

Short but one of my favorite prose poetry works. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing friends. A poem about ones passing and the candle within each of us; a light that never dies.


Dedicated to the most uniquely wonderful persons I know. Hope you understand, dear friend! :D

Alone I Stand

Short, pointless poem.

Ballad of David Harker

A little ballad about a boy named David. I made this piece this morning out of a fond memory if somone I once knew; read well and write better friends.


A boy must face one of the most ugly, evil, and twisted creatures in existance...bats. A slightly humorous poem which you will thoroughly enjoy, or so I hope.


Short poem written out of boredom on the unsolved question of balance in life and its consequences . Have a good night writing friends.

Cannot Unsee

You see, I see, we all see what we need to see. Short, easy, yet enjoyable read writing friends.


A poem on an artists visions and release. Hope you have a good day/night writing friends, thank you one and all for everything.


We all have our wounds and ways of healing them. This is my personal thoughts on how I deal with my pain, and maybe how you handle yours. Read and write well writing friends.

Collect My Thoughts

Title says all, just collecting my thoughts and letting the words interperate themselves. Best of luck writing friends!


Short poem by a drunk madman (as usual) about what we do and do not stand for in this passive aggressive life. Best of luck writing friends!


A brief poem on holding on to grudges and the relief felt of letting go.


A poem on my hatred of an infernal critic of mine; nothing personal. Enjoy writing friends!


A short poem from an atheists point of view of being faithless and finding joy in the impossible questions that surround our perceived reality and religious constitutions. Enjoy writing friends!

Lap Dog

A poem about sado-masochism. Might be a bit disturbing but thought it was genius writing friends.


My "end-of-the-world" anthem.

My Writing

Yep, that's about right!



For You

Suicide= Not the easy way out!




Depression caused by the death of a loved one....sucks.

Lost Within

Awaiting to die, clinging to live again, Waiting for that one magic bullet to kill my sins. I tried God, I tried escape from fate, Nothing worked nor could it sate the thirst for a peaceful state.

Is Up Down?

Random as hell.


Cast about, like the sails of a maelstrom, Thoughtlessly crucified, Why am I here?

Is It a Crime?

How can you love, if never accepted? When can you go home, if you are constantly rejected? Is effort enough or do you need some other form of motivation?

These Hands

These were the Hands, Grasping at the gravel, Begging and pleading for mercy. -(crap, crap, and more crap!)-


A poem about my One Love!


Just a poem! :) My mind was shot so I wrote this!

Seven Bits

Tribute to anyone who was raised in an abusive home and to Liz, my mom (love you!). Stay strong and survive! :)

Nothing to Say

To my silent critics. I love sucking at life writing friends! Pen it to paper as always.

Spinning Top

Short poem wrote for no reason at all. Enjoy! Primarily relates to my rampant mood swings and view on life.


Just another poem to ponder upon. Been awhile writing friends. Enjoy!

Is it me?

Is it me, or have I lost my frickin' marbles? You tell me writing friends.


"Then" is a breif poem in the mind of an anti-social drifter who contemplates his bond to society and his ideal necessity to be released from the noise around him. So that you know.


Short but bittersweet, a poem on warring personalities and confrontations of ever day life.

I'll Take Another

A really dark poem on attachment in abusive relationships on my experience. Read with an open mind writing friends.


Paying my last respects to a long lost friend. Enjoy writing friends!


A random poem about a monster in us all that will always exist. Been awhile writing friends, enjoy!


Hate my first ex and saw her today spoin feeding the same s***. Had to let this out so I can feel a little better that my life isnt as f**** as that things existence. Enjoy!


If we exist why do we exist? If so then what is its rhyme or reason? Enjoy writing friends.


Just depressed, thought this would be rather uplifting. Hope its more enjoyable than my last efforts. Good luck writing friends and keep on keeping on.

Longest Nights

A poem on the average working man and what he senses before his longest night begins. Keep the pen to paper friends.

The Whip

A poem on the horrors of abuse. Just thought I put this out there since I myself was a victim to this at one point. May you find the light to a better life writing friends.


A poem on the one thing that always takes our breath away when near somone you love. Read well, write well.


A nice little ringer of a poem born out of my own fatalistic views of life and stanch realism. Hope you get a kick out of this fellow writers and readers.


A poem about living and dying day in and day out when confronted with the inevetible "fall from grace". Good luck in everything you do writing friends.


A poem about the useless folly of suicide. Live strong and write on dearest friends and never forget life is what you make of it.


A poem about labels, bullying, and tge antisocial life we all love to hate. Cheers writing friends.

Withered Sailor

A poem about meeting a sailor at a bar, obvious I assume. Look forward to your future work friends!


A poem of a father's love and rightous revenge. Been awhile writing friends, enjoy!


Dedicated in loving memory to my best friend and love R.R.R. No matter the pain I feel my love will not die for you; forever and always by your side even if that place is forsaken.

Fall Back

When I reach the end of a thin line, if there is a moment when strength fades away, there you await to hold tightly onto me, comforting the fleeting...


A simple word seems a repeated dirge, most unfortunate for the effort I painstakingly strived for, yet this stanza sounds a lot like time and the...


Obvious what this poem is about. Win some lose some, enjoy!

Through a Window Dark

Through a window dark, you may have forgotten me, the bastard son, a mistake that cannot be undone. I remember you, the hate satures that memory, of...


Knots of time, stains of yesterday, the present bleeds, my need never ceases, corroded by the horror, of youth spoilt, squandered love, and wretched...

One for the Win

One for a win, even if you lose, the suffering you feel, abates my pain, flawed insecurites, temporarily forgotten. Tearing you apart, my intent is...


All things change and shape our reality. Accepting or acknowledging it is the most difficult decision we make in this life. Enjoy!


A vacant song awaits in embers, Of a passion corrupted by want, Denied the need to remember, Flames still linger and haunt. For our love was more...

Of What a Dream

Resting now on Morpheus sweet mirth, Visions alight and glorious sparks birth, Of what a dream! Slowly drinking the Lotus sweet nectar, Troubles and...

Never Ours

Although we walk hand in hand, Bound together by this spiritual band, Never have we manifested content, Each accomplishment furthers regret. Never...


When left with ceaseless doubt, Never knowing if better without, False praises enshrined in fractions, Ever judged by self-depricating actions, Who...

Open the Door

Open the door, Tread lightly upon the floor, Do not forget the angled nails, Pounded deeply into the crest, Answers you seek will you avail,...


A flash of insight into a dull and sullied mind, Madness is the cure where happiness you find, From within this soul assuredly grins, As the lunacy...

Shadows to Roads

Never once have I had the bliss of company, On this road of solitary commitments, Wherein these shadows reside always attuned, Like rusted finely...


Eye's pried open before a blackened moon, Sleepless still as the insomnia avoids the illness, Resting on the alter sleepless, Even in stillness I see...

Better Off

Observing from afar that of a life Without me Without words Without being Proves that you are better off In silence of my presence Surging elegance...

Lay Down

Lay down for a dedicated moment, So that grief may sit by still waters, Tracing stained hands over the shores edge, Burying his face between...


Upright stands a desecrated stage, Brought to life a comedy pitied, By the empty faced audience's ambiance, As the cries of truth fade by applause...


Rhythmic words elapsed over symbolic syndromes, My papers drenched through of the catatonic cruelty, Deciphering hidden notes played calling...

Read Me

Cast the eyes that roll within, Disjointed sockets picking discrepancies, Every scar foretell your convictions, Each streaked tear mistaken for...


Seven lashings form from the silence, Each stroke beating down my conscience, Intending to do what is right, Only for those I love to deem it wrong,...

Relapsed Repeat

Stepping carefully each pace heavier than the last, Mindfulness is essential to avoid the encroaching relapse, Every crease is ironed not missing a...


We meet once more at the apex of suffering, My wry appearance gives away the impending, A jab into the heart of self deprivation, Sweeter still are...


In this shell I remain safe, Within a crowd gravely misplaced, Decimated hopes of fateful communion, Solitude my only acceptable union, Still there...


As they banter between two ideals, Shuffling about a grainy film reel, There I am slowly sipping tea, For such trivialities annoy me, Whereas they...


We both met our strings so frayed, Yet despite our differences, We choose to remain, As days turn from radiant dawn, Nights were difficult to find a...


These words which flow in silk wrapped in glass, Shattered before the truth behind deposed expression, Lies made unto me for only the sake of piety,...


Imprisoned without appeal to release, A game you played and as this toy did wear, Polished the stains yet never ironed the crease, Raw apathy was the...


Dwindling in idle gratitude of my own silence, Interruption upon the observation of uncontrolled enviorment, Cascading over the designed sanctuary...


Sometimes you present half truth in the form of care, You grit your teeth behind a hopeful smile to prove you are still there, Distancing the...


From a perspective askew by renewed interest By accidently arousing curiosity Of my passive attention span Our conversation is gaining velocity While...


Reserving what little of humanity I have salvaged, From endless broken relationships leaving me ravaged, Opening the passage cut off from the rest of...


There you cast down burden One of the countless many Atop the alter of my empathy. For that which you cannot rectify Guilt enamored by the dimest...


A cryptic hum reverberating From the stolid lips Of one who desires to perfect Their imperfections abating. So it is my shadow dredges Towards the...

Last Laugh

Painting faces from behind the lie, That who you are was revealed, In an entirety of integrity, An expanse of our friendship, Danced in moonlit...


You came to me seeking impartial advice A cloister from the pretentious mass That devoured your sense of place. I tried to teach you my wisdom My...

Three Children

So it was that each of the three danced, One near the warmth of a hearth, Another over a hungering grave, Third upon the stars entranced. As was they...

Insomniacs Garden

As hours wane between the fading moon, This soul leaps through the nether thorns in a boundless frenzy, Mind transfixed whereupon what has, And has...

Lost One

Through amber shores of timeless space, Eyes ever peering into the penitent unknown, Of beauty cast from diamond stars, Of horrors unspeakable that...