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I have 142 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Michael Victor Krain

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Upright stands a desecrated stage, Brought to life a comedy pitied, By the empty faced audience's ambiance, As the cries of truth fade by applause...

Lay Down

Lay down for a dedicated moment, So that grief may sit by still waters, Tracing stained hands over the shores edge, Burying his face between...

Better Off

Observing from afar that of a life Without me Without words Without being Proves that you are better off In silence of my presence Surging elegance...


Eye's pried open before a blackened moon, Sleepless still as the insomnia avoids the illness, Resting on the alter sleepless, Even in stillness I see...

Shadows to Roads

Never once have I had the bliss of company, On this road of solitary commitments, Wherein these shadows reside always attuned, Like rusted finely...