Story or Two

Another collection of writings I make just for the hell of it!


I Dare You To Suck

Feeling down about your writing? Suffering from writers block? You say you suck? Thats good and so do I! A motivational speech to pick you up when knocked straight down.

"Magnum Crapus": On Failing a Masterpiece

An inspirational rant about the bull**** concept of Magnum Opus. There is no work greater than the work you got in front of you. Keep on keeping on writing freinds.

(Cont.) Standard Procedure

Contiuation of "Standard Procedure". This will be an ingoing short story and if enough feedback, praise, or criticism is delivered in healthy doses I will continue this twisted tale until the end. Enjoy writing friends.

Among Our Freinds

My most blessed family, I love you all! :)

Another Go

Clambering into the slightly desolate plasma center wracked with both impatience and anxiety, I decided to think about a few things that have long since eluded my mind.

Are You Here?

Rant, just pure happy rant! :D


Contemplation on what happiness means to my. Just had to vent my depressed side until it was dry.

Boogeyman's Visit

This is why the boogeyman is ticked off and retired. Happy Holloween writing friends!

Conversation With Myself

A breif conversation with myself on the pros and cons of my writing. Im not insane for the most part and I suggest every writer dies this to imorove their own work. Only a suggestion writing friends.


A proposed Youtube/Webisode series I am currently considering making this summer through fall. A reinvention and revival of old school horror with slight injections of modern day horror.



Eye Stab

An old lesson that I'd like to share.

Schism Summery

A work in progress, but its the overall gist of the plot. Any questions or comments will help alot!!!!!

Neutral Territory

Just a thought on assumptions.

Never Ending Unforgiving

Usual mood swing...


Don't read this. Depressing as hell...


The usual events of my life.

Schism Character Profile: Trevor Kellmen

"I once heard a saying that went like I am become Death or something; want me to prove that statement true? No? Oh, well too late for that." -Trevor Kellmen, Schism

Secret To a Damn Good Character: The Interveiw

This might help a little on your road to writing.

Laid to Rest

"Well, Mr.Amberton, we meet at last. Do you remember your former colleague Mark, my husband? Of course you do, don't you."

Going Mobile!

Updates on current writing schedule and an important "proposition". :)

Getting Started

Writing assignment for serious writers!!! Do this a.s.a.p!!!! Results may vary. ;)

Schism Pt. 1: Prologue

Starting to publish my long awaited novel "Schism". Much, much more to follow and please berate the "hell" out of it. Thank you writing friends!

Schism Ch. 1: End of the Tunnel pg.1

The beginning of my first novel "Schism", might take a while but I WILL do it!

Standard Procedure

Dr. Hector Abbot. Famed neurosurgeon and psychologist. Notorious serial killer for his own personal gain. Years have passed when he first set out to bridge the gap between love and insanity. Tonight, his horrific dream will come true. But how can one understand a thing that doesnt think or feel, yet driven to redefine Dr. Hector's darkest nightmares.

Forging Words of the Soul: An Explanation of Free-Writing

A breif speech on my writing style and what its supposed to mean to my felliw writers and readers. Every man to himself or herself as they say. Take,examine, or learn what you can.

Pointless Sense of Appraisal

A rant meant to rightously tick you off and arouse a sense of motivation in you, writing friends. Not for the weak or feint of heart. Read well, write well as always.


A short horror story that may turn out to be a series if need be. Enjoy writing friends and pen it to paper. Please bear in mind I wrote this in a fever so please ignore the "minor" spelling mistakes.

A Long, Dark Multiverse Ahead: What Schism is About or a Rough Context

We see it every day. We see it in the media, in our jobs, our personal lives, we sometimes even see it in ourselves. A growing indifference...

Chapter 1 Excerpt-Just Another Day

His weapon made the mark. Tearing through the flesh of the creature he was assigned to eliminate. It staggered a few steps before belching forth a...

Chapter 6 Excerpt-Nameless Thing

Marcus dragged himself towards the cover as his former soldiers closed in with nothing but murderous intent followed each of their movements...

Chapter 3 Excerpt-Ad Memoria

A fleeting light. Where was she. A dream passing through a dream. Awakening. Reaching the surface as she felt the dream beginning to drown her...

Chapter 8 Excerpt-Who Are You?

Marcus collapsed in utter exhaustion into the seat at the forward hull of the ship. So many needless lives were lost after the Meticulum ordered his...

Chapter 21 Excerpt-Behind a Curtain

To all who stood before the solar factory the methods of how the Meticulum controlled the vast foray of endless lives scattered throughout reality...

Schism: The Final Stretch and Freedom from Agrophobia

To those few on here who have known my slightly shoddy work on my first novel I think it's time to come clean and make this an open letter confession...

Notes from Isolation 1: Characterization

I have been contemplating ways to keep everyone informed on my progress about my novel as that is very much essential as of now to avoid falling into...